With Jobrary, you don't need to make your resume and portfolio look good. We'll make them look stylish and contemporary for you.

It's simple and quick.

Forget the older ways of creating resumes. Throw away your resume template files. Creating your resume cannot get easier than this. Sign up, fill in the information and save. Your resume can be available online in less than a couple of minutes. And did we mention it'll look way better than those outdated, staid templates?

You have total control over your resume and portfolio. Enter the information that you think is relevant and just ignore the other sections. We will not force you to enter everything.

Add sections that you need.

We give you complete freedom to customize your resume. You can add sections that you want. Remove a section or sub-section if you think its not adding any value to your resume. Rename a section if you like. Yes, we will remember every bit of it.

Play hide & seek.

If you are not looking for a job and therefore don't want anyone to view your resume or portfolio, set it as private. It cannot get simpler than this.

Add Images, PDFs or Videos.

You can add Images, PDFs and Videos to your portfolio. If you have worked on a project that involved images, videos and PDFs and want to show it to the world, its possible on Jobrary.

Group your work in portfolio.

A portfolio adds so much more value to your profile. Using Jobrary, you can group your images, videos and PDFs into a gallery and create multiple galleries to showcase your projects.

You can describe each of your portfolio entry. If you think that's not necessary, just ignore the editors.

Share, Print, Download...

You can never do so much with your old-fashioned resume. Yet, it's very simple. Share it on popular networking sites to receive exciting job offers or more work opportunities. Forward your resume or portfolio link to a potential employer. In case the employer is old-fashioned, print your resume for them. You can also download your resume as PDF.

In case, you prefer or need a way to share your resume and portfolio that is not part of our list, let us know and we'll add it for you.

The Public View.

Using your unique URL, the world can view your resume. Eveything that you want the world to know about you will be displayed here in the most stylish way ever. The world can then, either print, download or forward your resume.

We have taken care of smallest of things to make sure the world doesn't miss anything listed in your resume.

The Personal Showcase.

People viewing your portfolio can navigate through your portfolio entries with ease. Everything is right there. One click, and visitors will be absorbed in your fabulous work showcased in a clutter-breaking manner.

The small thumbnails will animate as you'll navigate.

Yes, Jobrary is here to make your resume and portfolio look stylish. Sign Up Now.
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